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hi everybody!
I'm not so familiar with DA (it was about 3 months since the last time I logged in :P), so I'm here to ask your help. I had this notify in the activity messages saying some of my prints have been sold. it also say my profit is 20$ or something.. but where these money are? O.o what should I do? may I "take" this money, or are they just "virtual" money?

thanx in advance for you help.. I really don't know what to do O.O

(I'm not dumb, I just don't kno how it works.. :D)


diciamolo anche in italiano, che magari ci capiamo meglio.

salve a tutti! avrei bisogno di una mano, e spero possiate aiutarmi!
premetto che non sono assolutamente pratica di DeviantArt (prima di oggi saranno stati tipo 3 mesi che non entravo). oggi mi sono trovata nelle notifiche un messaggio che diceva "la tua foto è stata venduta per un profitto di nonmiricordoquanti dollari".. cliccando sul link ho scoperto che anche altre stampe erano state vendute, ma non me ne ero mai accorta. mi dice che ho accumulato una ventina di dollari di profitto (alla faccia che percentuale di guadagno bassa -.-).. ora la mia domanda è.. ma questi soldi dov'è che stanno? O.o cioè, cosa devo fare? posso "prenderli" in qualche modo? posso usarli per qualcosa? o devono restare lì?

grazie in anticipo a chi mi risponderà. non so davvero cosa fare O.o

(non sono cretina, giuro.. è solo che non ho idea di come funzioni qui :D )
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Hi everybody!
I'm selling my own photoshop actions :D
I made them with adobe photoshop CS 3 (but they also work with lower versions and with the nex CS4).
there are 10 actions in 1 set. 8 colours actions, 1 black and white action, and 1 other one for adding sharpness to your shots.
I’m selling THE WHOLE SET, PLUS 2 BONUS ACTIONS, FOR 6 EUROS (about 9 u.s. dollars) (and if you use to buy photoshop actions on the internet you sure know how cheap it is  u.u)

° why you need actions? you need actions to edit a photo just by clickin’ on PLAY, so little work and assured result.

° why *northern star° ’s actions? cause I’m nice and cute and you all love me, aren’t you? ;)

if you want my actions, contact me through

you can find some samples here :


° *northern star° ’s photoshop actions WORK ON ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS3 - CS4 OR LOWER VERSIONS

° 6 € (9 $) for the whole set (10 ACTIONS + 2 BONUS ACTIONS, just for the flick/DeviantART members)

° payment way: PAYPAL

° the actions will be e-mailed you within 24H after the payment

once again, if you have some questions email me at or leave me a comment below.
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I've been away frm here for a long long (and long :D) time.
I'm soooooo busy in this months. study for your last exam at the university, work on your thesis.. play guitar hero :P
but I'm here now. I have some new photos to upload, and I'm a bit scared I have to reply to about 1569 comments, but.. I hope I'm here to stay.

anyway, I've just discovered that my photo titled aenigma purplerainistaken.deviantart.c… was on Daily Deviation on 01.06.09 O____________________O
my second time on DD.. THANK YOU DA's world.. I'm soooooo happy :D
this really made my day :D

well, I'm ready for work now.
have a nice weekend :*


Fri Sep 12, 2008, 12:15 PM
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hi everybody ^___^

I was just wondering why I have this DA account if I never upload photos and I never write any journal.. so that's why I'm here.
anyway, someone asked me why my signature say "*northern star° photography" if my nick name here is purplerainistaken. well, I'm here to explain it.
northern star is always been my nick name, since I started to upload my works on flickr, before that here on DA. but when I created this account, mr deviant said me northernstar was already taken and this disappointed me a lot -.- then I tried with purple rain, cause purple is my favourite colour and rain was my first nick name on the internet (I don't like prince's song, if you're asking it). but it was taken to -.-"
so my username became purplerainISTAKEN :)
sad story, isn't it?
but well, I don't have something more interesting to say at this time..
bye :)

and If you're thinkin'I express myself better with images that with words.. yep, you're definitely right XD

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oh my god :O_o:
I've just discovered that my photo titled "I hate u.  " is on DD :shocked:
I can't believe it.. I'm honored.. I'm so happy about it.
(ok, don't be silly now  :dohtwo:)
(oh, yes.. I talk with myself sometimes)
I'll conquer the world :mwahaha:  (megalomaniac mode on)
..uhm, maybe not..
but anyway.. I'm happy ^^

thank you for all you commentS and faveS  :heart:

hugs :hug: